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[ BlackBerry™ ] Kamus Lengkap Pro update to v5.0.2

Kamus Lengkap Pro update to v5.0.2

The professional edition of Kamus Lengkap, the very popular easy to use and complete mobile dictionary. It supports English – Indonesian, Indonesian – English, words, phrases, pronunciations, regular and irregular verb features including infinitive, simple past, past participle and the meaning in Indonesian. Tip: The menu key (BlackBerry logo button) will show all of the options available to you at that given time based on where you are. For this app, after typing word(s), please click Menu Key to open Menu, and click OK to translate or to display the search result.

Features: – English – Indonesian. – Indonesian – English. – Words and phrases. – Regular and irregular verbs (infinitive, simple past, past participle, and the meaning). – English and Indonesian pronunciations. – Fast search-engine. – searching options. – Latest dictionary data. – Offline mode. No internet connection required.

Download :


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