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[ BlackBerry™ ] GPSpeedOMeter PRO v3.9

[ BlackBerry™ ] GPSpeedOMeter PRO v3.9

PRICE REDUCED FROM 3.99 TO 1.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. NOW UPLOADS TO STRAVA!! GPS 20+ Function Speedometer application designed for cyclists, but can be used running, walking, boarding, etc. Now with built in ellipsoid correction table for extra accurate elevation readings. Feature filled application that uses the built in gps functionality of your Phone to track your rides. Rides can be saved and viewed at a later stage. This application also integrates Maps so you can see your position in real time. It will link trips of the same route, and then allow you to race against any trip showing your progress (time ahead/behind, distance ahead/behind) in numeric values and also visually on the map. You can now also integrate this app with the RideWithGPS website. Upload trips thru the app with a single click to this site and view them on a PC. You can also add a link to the uploaded trip, along with trip stats, from the app to twitter, facebook or email to friends. Features include: -Speed -Average Speed -Max Speed -Distance -Overall Distance -Elevation -Max Elevation -Gradient -TotalClimb -TotalDescent -Time Taken -Calories -Auto Start/Stop/Pause -Integrated Maps -History -Routes -Trips -Ghost Ride / Race against a previous trip -Profile Graph -Output Route Data to Twitter -OneClick Integration to RideWithGPS AND STRAVA. -Post to FaceBook from RideWithGPS,STRAVA,GPSpeedOMeter websites -Output KML(Google earth view) to SDCard or Email -Output GPX files to SDCard or Email -BackUP/Restore data to SDCard -Settings – Miles/KM | Meters/Feet | Batery Saver (screen timeout) | Font and much more.

BlackBerry OS 5.0 or above

Download :

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