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[ BlackBerry™ ] Offline Browser v1.3

[ BlackBerry™ ] Offline Browser v1.3

Offline Browser 1.3 – Want to refer a page for reading at a later time? Are you using a limited data plan? Don’t have enough time to read the complete article at the moment? Then, this app is for you.

Now you can read your articles without distraction anywhere, anytime with this Offline Browser.

Offline Browser saves articles for reading later at any time or when you don’t have network access.


Offline Browser works well only on web pages that have large amount of text. It will not work on image galleries, web portals, splash pages, link pages, etc.

Also, all the websites are not formatted well for the small screen.


– Read articles from the list online or offline

– Add articles or pages to library with just a single click

– Sync automatically with Offline Browser’s library

– Zoom in and Zoom out of an article

– Add your own title to the page or article

Version: 1.3

File Size: 494 KB

Required: 5.0.0 or higher

Download Offline Browser v1.3 :

OS5 :

OS6 – OS7.+ :

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