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[ BlackBerry™ ] Quick Text Premium

[ BlackBerry™ ] Quick Text Premium

Insert Text Smiley into BBM, Twitter or Gtalk, SMS, chat etc. Your favorite text application just got better. More Text Smiley Packs, Easy Insertion Options, More Sharing and More Fun . Have to type those contact details again and again? Let Quick Search do this for you. Type ‘ilu!’ to enter I Love You Or type ‘plane!’ to enter the below shown text plane in the chat, email.


1) Insert Text Smilies, Get more smilies

2) Type in email quickly using snippets

3) Quickly add any contact information into mail or sms or during chat

4) Add all or custom information of the contacts

5) Compatible with BBM, SMS, Emails, Browser and many more

6) Create and add group of snippets, snippets to any group

7) 15+ different fancy fony styles

8) Unlimited possibilities

9) Help, tutorial to help you make best out of Quick Text

10) Share any Quick Text from the app itself

11) Insert Quick Text menu option

12) Save As Quick Text menu option

How does it work:

1) Create a snippet in the quick text app.

2) Snippet contains a KEYWORD and TEXT INFORMATION.

3) Save, and it is ready to use.

4) In any email, chat, bbm or sms type the KEYWORD followed by ‘!’ to get the keyword replaced by the text. For Example: Type blater! to enter the text ‘I am busy now. Will call later.’ or type pin! to enter your device pin or type date! to enter the current date. Read the help to know about all the commands and snippet keywords. Once you learn how to use it, you are changed person. Now you can get the best out of your BlackBerry®.

Version: 2.1

File Size: 434 KB

Required Device Software

Operating System: 4.5.0 or higher

Download OTA :

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